Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oh the Craftiness of Me!

So I have been one busy bee lately trying to complete a bunch of projects that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I even finished my first Pinterest project. I also have one more that isn't pictured here because it isn't done. But I'll take a picture soon of the profile silhouettes of the boys I'm doing. This chair is in my sewing room and it was all black (my parents gave us two a few years ago and I've wanted to cuteify it for ever)

These are the little storage shelve things that I put up so that my ribbon won't get tangles and I am more organized.

And this is the best! Mark and I, yes me! have been working on building this stand for our washer and dryer so that I can store stuff under it because this is just a closet in the hallway in our house. The laundry baskets usually just hang out in our room because there was no where else for them to go until now! :)

This picture gives you a little better idea of what I'm talking about.

This picture is to prove that I did 1/2 of the work. I found the instructions online on pinterest and we got the stuff at Lowe's that week. Mark was a trooper and gave up his Saturday fishing to help me with this project.

ignore the messy garage. Shelves are next on the construction list.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Past 6 Months

Ok, so I know I am horrible at updating our blog. Especially this past year. But here are pictures that give some of the highlights of our past 6 months. These are in no particular order, so sorry. This is us at the bowling alley here in Blackfoot. We celebrated Daniel's 5th bday there and the kids had so much fun.
Jake loves cake, and especially frosting!

Daniel loves ANYTHING Star Wars so he got a bunch of fun things.

Pants optional here for kids under 3. Jake doesn't like the hassle of taking off his pants when he goes potty so he usually is in just his underwear around here.

We had fun at an elk ranch cabin this New Years, we went there with my brother's family and some friends. The kids had fun playing in the snow and riding the snowmobiles and sleds.

Just a picture of us at Christmas.

The boys wanted their picture taken too.

Our little family in front of our Christmas tree.

Mark and Daniel go ice fishing about every other weekend and are usually successful. This is a great bonding time for them.

Grandma Packard made the boys an advent calendar for Christmas. This totally helps them not whine about opening presents because they get to open one every day.


Halloween hawl. We went trick or treating on our 4 wheeler because the houses around here are so far apart because everyone lives on an acre or more. If you can't tell, Daniel was a Storm Trooper from Star Wars and Jake was a Transformer (But he thought he was spiderman so we went with it)

Fishing at Bear Lake. This is the largest lake trout Mark has caught (my record is 4 in bigger). He and Daniel had sooo much fun catching this from the shore, it was quite a job getting it in.

We took the boys out "hunting" down by downata hot springs. Basically I hunted while Mark went on a hike with the boys. We all had sooo much fun. I saw 2 deer when we first arrived but was unsuccessful in the end.

Daniel and Jake just looked especially handsome this Sunday before church, I had to take a picture. They usually get dressed by Mark who puts on the clothes that I have laid out for them. When they are all put together they come to me and wait for me to say, "oh you're sooo handsome". This is our tradition EVERY week.

I went to my first BYU game EVER! Mark's mom watched the boys while we went and had a great time with Tim and Ariel (mark's brother and sister-in-law)

Mark took a picture of this elk at the elk ranch we went to a few times last year. We saw about 30 elk that all had antlers about this size!

I begged my sister-in-law Courtney to let me take my niece Lexi for a few days, so after a family get together we loaded the little rascals up and they all fell asleep on the way back to Blackfoot. I couldn't resist the chance to get a picture of them asleep, this is the most peaceful moment I had for the following 2 days. I would do it again and again though because we had a blast. (Lexi also lets me do her hair and I jump at the chance to have another girl in our house to even the odds)

My brother came home from his mission in September. We were sooo glad to see him because we hadn't seen him for 2 years. He hadn't met Jake or little Rozlyn yet so we might have overwhelmed him a little with pictures.

Daniel has discovered the computer and all the fun games it possesses.

Me and my "little" brothers and sister. This was at the airport in Idaho Falls where Conner flew in from his LDS mission to Florida!

The Packard Pack. And no, Justin did not pee his pants...his little girl just spilled her drink. hehe

Yes I am hilarious. And maybe a little annoying at times.

We have the most awesome neighbors that gave Daniel a gas powered 4 wheeler. Daniel now is officially the coolest kid in town.

Monday, August 29, 2011

We had family pictures taken last week for the first time in years! So here are some of our favorites, enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Past Few Weeks

Daniel had his first soccer practice yesterday and he loved it! So, I loved it too. We had a great time going to the park and watching all the clueless kids and laughing at their cuteness. Mark saw some guys from work and we are slowly getting to know people here in town.

The boys love their uncle Tim. He took them on a ride in Mark's kayak that he built and they had a great time running from pirates and looking for fish etc. Good Times!

We thought we would go to the Potato Museum but it was closed so we just took a picture infront of the giant potato and played on the caboose. Having 2 kids is a lot easier with 2 other adults around. I enjoyed having them here sooooo much.

My mom thought the kids needed more sugar. Hahaha my parents came up to Blackfoot for the Pride Days and we watched Snowmobilers race across the water, Daniel climbed the rock wall, we rode a choo choo and my dad got to see all the cool old cars.

Idaho Falls has the coolest little zoo. It is soo clean and has a few real big animals like Lions and Tigers and Zebras etc. We went there as a family and had a blast. We didn't even bother to bring a stroller because we knew the boys would never stay in one and they did just fine walking/running the whole way. We've been to that zoo like 5 times now in the past 2 yrs. and it is fun every time.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Having a 4 1/2 yr old boy

I hear that having teenagers is really trying. That your kids talk back to you, they don't obey, they think they know everything and they are lazy. Well I guess I have a teenager. Daniel is going through this "phaze" with me and just with me. He dosn't do it to his dad or anyone else... just ME! AHHHH! His new favorite phrase is "yeah...I knoowww" Then mine is, "Then why did I have to get after you?" I don't know how to get him in check. I just want him to say the words "Yes mommy" at least a few times a day. And overall Daniel is a really carring kid who just wants to be loved but lately it is tough love. I try to keep him busy and active. And we do lots of fun things but he can't do anything without arguing with me about it first. From putting on shoes to going to the store to which park we play at and when we go where. I'm pulling my hair out from sun up to sun down. Any advise? I'm about to go to a specialist.

PS I Love Daniel Truely. I just want him to be the best person I know he can be without this attitude.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our front yard is almost done

This is a picture from the corner of our property. We have a really big yard to take care of and it keeps us busy.

My newly finished flower beds.

The soon to be pond/waterfall

I dug all the weeds out of this bed and layed the bark and rocks and pavers all by myself today. It was a beast finding that grass barrier that was burried in the grass.

Its getting there.

So I was talking with my friend Emily on the phone yesturday and she said that I should post some pictures of our house. So here they are. We have been working every day on the water feature in the front of our house and on dressing up the flower beds and stuff. When we bought the house there was just dirt in the flower beds and the fountain/pond didn't have power running to it so you had to drag an extention cord out to it to turn it on. And it was dirty and didn't flow right so we have taken the whole thing apart and cleaned it and Mark the electrician wired it to the house so we can turn it on from the garage with a light switch. We should be done with it either today or tomorow and I can't wait.